How to Change an Air Filter on a Toyota Rav4

by Jody L. Campbell

The Rav4 has gone through three generations and a few different options for engines since Toyota started manufacturing it in 1994. No matter what year your Rav4 is, replacing the engine's air filter is important to keep clean combustible air fed to the engine and to optimize fuel economy. The location of the engine air filter air box has changed a few times, but no matter what year your Rav4 is, replacing the air filter is relatively easy. Plus, you can avoid those labor charges incurred at service stations. There are no tools required.

Step 1

Release the hood latch in your Rav4. Make sure the engine is off.

Step 2

Open the hood and rest it on the prop rod.

Step 3

Locate the air box. Refer to your owner's manual if you're not sure where it is or what it looks like. Some Rav4's have air boxes located near the center rear of the motor and have a vertical front door. But newer models may have horizontal boxes on the driver's side of the motor, just behind the battery. No matter where the box is located, there are one or two clips holding one side of the air box lid. Once you've released those, simply lift or open the door.

Step 4

Remove the old air filter and discard.

Step 5

Insert the new air filter in the same manner the old one was installed.

Step 6

Close the air box lid and make sure the hinge(s) on the other side of the lid are properly inserted into the bottom of the air box. Refasten the clip(s).

Step 7

Close the hood.

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