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How to Replace an Air Filter in a Lincoln Navigator

by Contributor

Changing the air filter on a Lincoln Navigator is atypical from other air filters, but easy none the less. It can be changed in as little as 10 minutes. A clean air filter increases gas mileage and engine longevity, because it allows air to freely flow to the engine, making it work less. Change the air filter every 30,000 miles for normal driving conditions or every 3,000 miles for extremely dusty conditions.

Step 1

Turn off the vehicle. Don't start the vehicle while changing the air filter because it protects against engine backfires.

Step 2

Locate the air filter housing unit on the front driver's side of the engine compartment. Look for a black container that is round and is attached to a large tube leading to the engine.

Step 3

Loosen the clamp that holds the air inlet tube to the air filter housing unit. Remove the hose from the unit. Loosen the clamp that holds the air filter cover to the housing unit. Move the cover from the housing.

Step 4

Remove the old filter and discard it. Clean out any remaining debris in the Lincoln's air filter housing unit.

Step 5

Replace the filter with a K&N air filter part number E-0945, when you are working on a 1998 to 2004 Lincoln. Use a part number 33-2385 for a 2007 or 2008 Navigator.

Put the air filter cover back in place, using caution not to catch the air filter between the edges. Reattach the clamp. Reattach the air inlet tube and its clamp.

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