How to Change a Cabin Air Filter on a 1992 Toyota Pickup

by Susan Revermann
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Changing your air filter regularly is important for regular engine maintenance and for your own personal health. Toyota cars and pickups did not come factory-equipped with cabin air filters until 2001, but you can purchase cabin air filters and filter housing units that can be installed in your vehicle. If your 1992 Toyota pickup does have a cabin air filter installed, the replacement filters are easy to change and should be swapped out once a year.

Step 1

Purchase the appropriate air filter for your 1992 Toyota pickup. You will need to know the size of your engine to get the proper filter.

Step 2

Locate the cabin air filter housing unit on your Toyota pickup. Since 1992 models did not come out of the factory so equipped, it could be mounted in a number of places. Look in the glove box, under the dash or under the hood. Under the hood is the most common location.

Step 3

Take the cover off the air filter housing unit and slide the old air filter out. Newer environmentally friendly models of air filters are on the market now that can be rinsed and reused. If you have one of these filters already in place, rinse it thoroughly with water until the water runs through clean and the filter is visibly clean of dirt and debris. Allow this kind of filter to dry thoroughly before reinstalling and turning the truck engine on.

Take the new filter out of the box, if applicable. Slide the filter into the housing unit, face up with the product lettering showing on the top. Secure the cover back on the unit and discard the old filter in the garbage.

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