How to Change the Air Filter in a Ford F-250 6.0 Diesel

by David Hunt
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With its 325-horsepower engine, the 6-liter Super Stroke Ford F-250 diesel truck may seem like too much machine for anyone but a qualified mechanic to handle when it comes to under-the-hood maintenance. Even for the mechanically challenged, replacing an air filter can be a brief afternoon job. It may take a little patience and digging around under the hood, but it beats paying for a service call. Replacement air filters were listed for about $50 at auto supply retailers as of December 2010.

Step 1

Get the right part. Ask a worker at the local auto supply store to confirm that the filter you've found on the shelf is correct.

Step 2

Pop the hood. Make sure the engine is off. Find the air filter assembly in the rear of the engine bay under the hood to the left of the motor.

Step 3

Check the restriction gauge. Find the gauge in the upper housing of the air filter assembly. Look for the "change filter" line, which will show how much dirt has collected in the unit.

Step 4

Release the toggle clamps and remove the top of the air filter housing.

Step 5

Take out the used filter, pulling it out and away from the engine.

Step 6

Install the new filter. Push down and in toward the engine to compress the air filter seal.

Step 7

Replace the air filter housing top.

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