How to Replace an Air Filter in a Toyota Corolla

by Editorial Team

Changing the air filter on a Toyota Corolla is one of the easiest maintenance task for this car. Air filters clean the air that flows to the engine. A clean filter can increase gas mileage and car performance. Car manufacturers recommend changing air filters every 30,000 miles or 24 months. Inspect and change the filter every 12 months or 15,000 miles if the vehicle is driven in extremely dusty conditions.

Step 1

Turn off the car before changing the air filter. Don't start the car once the air filter has been removed, it acts as a barrier were the car to backfire.

Step 2

Locate the box that houses the air filter. Look in the front driver's side, back corner under the hood for a rectangular-shaped black box.

Step 3

Undo the clips that keep the housing lid secure. Lift the lid and compress the accordion-type tubing towards the engine.

Step 4

Remove the old filter from the housing unit. Clean any leaves or debris out of the box.

Step 5

Replace the old filter with a new filter that is made for the specific make and model of your Toyota Corolla. Use a K&N filter, part number 33-2252, for a Corolla manufactured from 2002-2008. Find older Corolla air filter part numbers online or at your local auto supply store.

Step 6

Pull the lid back over to the air filter housing unit, and snap it in place. Reattach the clips to secure the lid.

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