How to Change an Air Filter for a Chevrolet Aveo

by Marie Mulrooney

Replacing the engine air filter at regular intervals is an important part of maintaining your Chevrolet Aveo. Although a dealership or professional mechanic would be more than glad to conduct this simple operation for you, it's something that even a novice can easily do by himself in less than 10 minutes. Because many shops charge a full hour of labor as a minimum for any work they do, you can save money by replacing your Chevy Aveo air filter by yourself.

Step 1

Lift and safely support the hood of your Chevrolet Aveo, then locate the air filter housing. As you're facing the vehicle head-on, the filter housing will be located in the far left side of the engine compartment. It looks like a big rectangular box with one corner missing and a big hose leading out of it.

Step 2

Use the screwdriver to remove the four screws holding the cover to the filter housing in place. You're removing only the cover; don't try to remove, loosen or dismount the entire housing. Place the screws in your pocket or another secure place, outside the engine compartment. You're going to need them again.

Step 3

Remove the cover from the air filter housing and take out the old air filter. Place the new air filter in the housing, making sure it's oriented the same way the old one was.

Replace the cover on the air filter housing and ensure that it closes securely. Tighten the four screws to hold the cover in place again, then double-check that it is firmly and securely fastened to the housing--just like you found it.


  • Some car experts believe that replacing the air filter in your vehicle will help improve its gas mileage, power and performance. Air filters come in different sizes and shapes for different vehicles. If the clean filter you have doesn't fit into the housing, you probably got the wrong filter for your car.


  • Operating a motor vehicle without an air filter installed can damage the vehicle's engine and be dangerous to you if the vehicle backfires. Never run your vehicle without an air filter in place.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver Clean air filter

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