How to Replace a 2007 Saturn Aura Headlight

by Bob Johnson
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When GM introduced its Saturn Aura in late 2006, the design changes were not quite solidified. The 2007 model requires more than a simple twist and pull to remove it's headlights. Whether it be an entire headlamp replacement, wiring repair or merely replacement of a burned out bulb, the double wall construction has the component you seek well tucked away. You will even be asking yourself "why would they design it this way?" The reason is usually for safety of the occupants. It is much better to have a safer, well protected vehicle than one with easy to replace parts.

Step 1

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Remove the five, 10mm bolts and two spring clips securing the top grill shield above the radiator.

Step 2

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Remove two, 7mm screws holding the top of the headlight down and one holding the top of the bumper cover to the headlight.

Step 3

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Pry out three or four of the plastic push clips along the outside edge of the wheel well liner using a small screwdriver or putty knife. Remove the push clips and two screws along the bottom of the liner.

Step 4

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Remove four screws securing the front edge of the gravel shield to the bumper cover underneath.

Step 5

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Remove two, 10mm bolts holding the side of the bumper cover to the fender, from behind the loosened wheel well liner.

Step 6

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Gently lift the headlight assembly upward and out of the vehicle just enough to gain access to the wire harness. Carefully spread the two plastic tabs on the side of the harness plug to slip the wiring out from the socket.

Step 7

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Hold the new headlight in close while connecting the harness to the plug. Then slip it into place and secure with the two, 7mm screws.

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Reattach all shields and covers in reverse order of their removal.

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