How to Replace the Blower Motor Resistor on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

by Craig Woodman
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The Grand Prix is the Pontiac division of General Motor's mid-size performance car. The 2001 Grand Prix comes with either a 3.1 liter or 3.8 liter V-6. The HVAC system uses a series of controllers, modules, and resistors to control the blower motor speed. The HVAC blower is important for the vehicle defrost system. When a resistor fails in the blower motor, the fan does not operate on one or more speeds. Replacing the blower motor resistor will take you a little over one hour.

Step 1

Use the push-in pin retainer to remove the push-in pins that secure the right instrument panel insulator. This insulator is on the bottom side of the dash. Lower the insulator from the dash panel, and remove the courtesy lamp by twisting it gently, and pulling it out. Set the insulator panel aside.

Step 2

Remove the electrical connectors to the blower motor resistor. Disconnect the blower motor resistor assembly from the housing by pulling it gently out. You may need to remove two screws. Loosen, but do not remove the two screws on the assembly. Remove the single rearward screw from the assembly, and remove the blower resistor.

Step 3

Install the new blower motor resistor. Install and tighten the rearward screw, and tighten the two front screws. You do not need to remove the slotted front screw assemblies and screws. Connect the wiring connector to the blower motor, and to the resistor assembly.

Step 4

Install the right side instrument panel insulator by putting it into place. Secure the two push pins through the holes in the panel. Test the blower motor for correct function on all speeds and settings.

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