How to Repair a Loose Clutch Pedal

by TimBurgone
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The clutch in a vehicle with a manual transmission is the mechanism that allows you to switch from one gear to another. If you feel looseness and little or no resistance when you engage the clutch, you will need to tighten the pedal immediately. A loose clutch pedal can compromise your ability to control and steer your car. Getting to the clutch is a bit tricky, but once you do you should be able to tighten it without much difficulty.

Step 1

Park your car on level ground and turn off the engine. Put on a headband flashlight and turn it on.

Step 2

Lay on your back on top of the wheeled dolly. Roll under the car and locate the clutch pedal assembly, which is along the firewall. The firewall is the divider between the engine compartment and the footwell in the car.

Step 3

Find the clutch bracket with a keyhole cut out on the top of it. You need to access the bolt on the underside of this bracket.

Step 4

Fit the socket on the wrench and slip it onto the head of the bolt on the underside of the bracket. You may need to maneuver a little bit until you can get the wrench into position.

Step 5

Turn the wrench to firmly tighten the bolt. It should take between two and two and a half turns. Tighten the bolt further as needed.

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