How to Repair a '97 Jeep Cherokee Flasher / Turn Signal Relay

by Editorial Team

When your turn signals and hazard flashers stop working on a 1997 Jeep Cherokee, replace the turn signal/hazard flasher combo relay. For the 1997 Jeep Cherokee, the relay controls both the turn signals and the hazard flashers. For some other models, there are separate relays for the signals and flashers. This whole procedure should take 30 minutes. Auto parts store price for the relay is about $30.

Step 1

Remove the large gray plastic panel directly below the steering column. Remove the three screws from the bottom of the panel using a Phillips screwdriver or a 1/4-inch socket.

Step 2

The top of the panel is held in place by two pinch brackets. Pull the top of the panel rearwards. Use a little strength or a screwdriver to help pry the panel loose. There are no other hidden screws.

Step 3

Once you remove the plastic panel, you'll expose a metal panel. Two screws (the same type as the plastic panel) hold the upper panel secure. Remove them, and the panel will drop down. Just pull the bottom of the panel straight back to remove it. It should slide back without any force.

Step 4

The relay is located behind the plastic panel to the left. It is attached to the car by a plastic bracket. Either pull down to detach it, or slide it back to remove the wire harness. The relay fits tight into the harness, but just pulling (maybe using a little "wiggle" action) will separate the two parts.

Step 5

Plug the new relay into the wire harness. Reverse the steps to put things back together.

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