Repair Advice for a Chevy Corsica Ignition Switch

by Howard Altman
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Replacing the ignition switch on a Chevy Corsica can be more involved than at first glance. Later models produced after 1990 have airbags installed and require an extra degree of caution when working around the steering column.


The battery cable attached to the negative terminal needs to be removed as a safety precaution. Corsica models that have a factory-installed anti-theft package need to have the lockout feature disabled before removing the battery cable.

Fixed Steering Column

You need to remove a fair amount of components from the steering column just to access the ignition switch. Start by removing the steering wheel; once it is out of the way, remove the turn signal assembly. Place the ignition switch in the "Run" position then remove the signal housing and steering shaft assembly as one unit. Remove the buzzer switch by disconnecting the wires then sliding the unit out. Place the ignition switch in the "Accessory" position, remove the retaining screw and remove the switch.

Tilt Steering

You cannot replace the ignition switch on a Chevy Corsica equipped with tilt steering on your own. A special tool is needed to remove the pivot pins from the steering column. Take your Corsica to a dealer for this repair.

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