How to Repair a Nissan Blower

by Cecil Fontaine
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All Nissan models use a blower motor to supply cool air to the inside of the vehicle -- the blower motor is found behind the glove box in the dashboard. If your air-conditioning system fails to blow air through the vents, replace the blower motor. Find a new blower motor at any auto parts store -- when purchasing a replacement blower motor, ensure that it is specific to your Nissan´s model and year.

Step 1

Remove the glove box assembly in the car´s cabin. Open the glove compartment and locate the four screws that secure the compartment to the dashboard. These screws are found at the top of the glove box. After you have removed the glove box screws, pull the glove box assembly out from the dashboard and set it aside.

Step 2

Pinpoint the airbag harness connector in the space behind the glove box assembly. Use your hands to pull the connector´s wiring from its power source. Note the blower motor assembly behind the airbag harness -- it is held in place with screws.

Step 3

Remove the blower motor assembly screws and pull the assembly out from the dashboard. As you pull the assembly out, disconnect the wiring that connects to the back of the assembly. Separate the blower motor from the assembly by removing the screws that hold it into the assembly. Install the new blower motor and secure it to the assembly.

Step 4

Reattach the wiring to the back of the blower motor assembly and install the blower motor assembly -- with the new blower motor -- back into the dashboard. Secure it with the screws previously removed. Reconnect the airbag harness connector to its power source.

Step 5

Reattach the glove box assembly to the dashboard and secure it with the four screws removed in Step 1.

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