How to Rent a Vehicle With Towing Capacity

by Brad Chacos

Whether you're moving to another city, trying to avoid the cost of a tow truck, or carrying construction debris to the landfill, people occasionally need the raw power and force of a vehicle with towing capacity. As long as a trailer hitch is installed on the vehicle, anything from a small car to a moving truck can be used to tow a load, depending on the load size. Most rental companies rent vehicles with large towing capacities.


Search the local phone book's yellow pages to find car and truck rental agencies.


Call the vehicle rental agencies. Explain what you'll need to rent the vehicle for, and describe the load being towed. Ask if they have any vehicles that can accommodate your needs on the day you need the vehicle. The moving trucks at rental agencies such as Penske and U-Haul come equipped with trailer hitches and can handle large or heavy loads. Call several agencies and receive quotes for a compatible vehicle.


Call the rental agency with the best price and reserve the vehicle. Reserve the vehicle as far in advance as possible to avoid scheduling problems. You usually have to supply a credit card number and driver's license information. Ask if you can place a deposit on the rental using a debit card if you don't own a credit card---many agencies are willing to do so if you have a decent credit score.


Check the towing capacity of the vehicle you reserved to ensure the salesman's towing capacity claims were valid. Visit the manufacturer's website for towing capacity, or use the link in the resources below to figure out the towing capacity manually.


Travel to the rental agency on the day of the reservation. Give the clerk your information. Check that the vehicle has a secure trailer hitch before driving away.

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