How to Rent a 5th Wheel Tow Vehicle

by Alan Cooper
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Renting a 5th wheel tow vehicle requires knowledge, time and perseverance. According to Trailer Life Towing Guide, “The most important thing to remember when purchasing a truck to tow a 5th Wheel is that towing capacity of the truck must exceed the GVWR of your 5th Wheel for safety reasons.” This applies to truck rentals as well as purchases. It is challenging to find a place where one can rent an appropriate tow vehicle to drive, and availability will vary according to geographic location. One option may be to hire a driver and truck either privately or from a company that specializes in RV hauling.

Know Your Trailer

Step 1

Locate the trailer’s Unloaded Vehicle Weight. This is normally on a sticker inside a cabinet.

Step 2

Determine the trailer’s Gross Vehicle Weight. This should be on the same sticker. This number will be the weight of the trailer with full propane tanks and a full freshwater tank.

Calculate the trailer’s payload by subtracting the Unloaded Vehicle Weight from the Gross Vehicle Weight. This is the amount of cargo that can be carried.

Research Trucks

Step 1

Find tow ratings of trucks. Trailer Life Magazine annually publishes a comprehensive truck towing guide.

Step 2

Identify models whose tow limits exceed the GVWR of the trailer.

Step 3

Make a list of appropriate tow vehicles.

Write down all other requirements for the truck (trailer hauling “package”, 5th wheel hitch, trailer mirrors).

Find a Tow Vehicle

Step 1

Speak to local RV dealerships. They may rent a tow vehicle, or refer you to someone who will do so.

Step 2

Contact truck rental companies. While they do not specialize in RV hauling, they may have a unit you can rent. Make sure that any recommended truck has the capacity to haul the trailer and don’t rely on the rental salesperson to know this information.

Step 3

Check online for companies that specialize in RV hauling. They will be able to provide an appropriate vehicle. (See Resources.)

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