How to Remove a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Hard Top

by Christian Killian

Removing the hardtop from your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited can be a lot of fun in the warm weather. With the top off, you can enjoy the open-air feeling of owning a Jeep and letting the wind blow through your hair. The hard top comes off in three sections. The front sections don't require any tools. You'll need a Torx socket to remove the section.


Remove the front two panels from your hardtop first. Flip the two sun visors down against the windshield and locate the two L-shaped locks in the center of the roof sections. Turn the locks to release them.


Turn the L-shaped lock above the front shoulder belts and release them as well. Locate the two circular fasteners on the speaker bar. Turn them counter clockwise and completely remove them from the speaker bar.


Locate and unlatch the two paddle latches on the header above the windshield. Lift off the two front panels and store them in a safe place.


Open the doors of your Jeep. Locate the two Torx head bolts inside the frame that attach the top to the B-pillar of the Jeep. Remove the bolts with a T-40 Torx socket and a ratchet.


Remove the six bolts that secure the rear section to the body of the Jeep. There are three on each side, just below the windows.


Open the tailgate and flip up the window on the rear of the Jeep. Locate the electrical connector and washer tubing in the back, driver side corner of the Jeep. Disconnect the wiring by pushing the locking tab on the connector and pulling the plug out. Pull the washer tubing loose and install the tethered cap on the end of the tube.


Lift the top of the Jeep and set it on a soft surface.


  • check The hardtop on your Jeep is made from fiberglass and is heavy. Get a second person to help you lift it if possible.

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