How to Remove & Replace the Window Regulator in a Lincoln Navigator

by Allen Moore

Removing and replacing a window regulator in a Lincoln Navigator becomes necessary if the regulator breaks, evidenced by the window glass either falling down into the door or titling forward as if it's come off track. The regulator raises and lowers the window in the window channel when the window motor moves the regulator's gear. When a regulator breaks, it can no longer hold the window in the proper position at the proper alignment, necessitating replacement. Anyone with good auto repair skills can remove and replace the window regulator on a Lincoln Navigator in about an hour.

Pry the sail panel trim off the upper leading edge of the Navigator's door panel using the trim tool. Remove the hex head screws from the bottom of the door panel using the hex bit socket set and wrench.

Lift the door panel upward several inches until the trim hooks in the back clear the Navigator's door. Reach between the door panel and the door and disconnect the wiring harness from the door panel switch plate by hand. Move the door panel away from the work space and set it down.

Lift the Navigator's window glass to the top of the door by hand. Attach the glass to the door top using packing tape.

Unbolt the window regulator from the base of the window, the door support brackets and the window motor using the socket set.

Fold the window regulator closed by hand. Remove the broken regulator from the Navigator's door by hand through the large door access hole.

Insert the replacement window regulator through the large door access hole. Bolt the new regulator to the door support brackets, window motor and the base of the window glass using the socket set.

Reinstall the Navigator's door panel, reversing the procedure for removing it.

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