How to Remove Water from Inside a Headlight

by Sheharyar Khan
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Fully functional and clean headlights are imperative for night time driving. Over time, various problems such as dirty, smudged or moist headlights can cause serious safety hazards for you and anyone else who uses your car. But cleaning the outside is not enough if the dirt and water has accumulated inside the lenses. The only way to rectify this is to take out the lenses and clean the inside of the headlight by hand.

Step 1

Park your car and completely turn of the engine. Open the hood of your car and towards the front of the car, you will notice screws secured near the opening on both the sides. Different car models can have different screw locations so if you are unable to trace the screws then you should consult your cars owner manual. With the help of a screwdriver, disassemble the headlights by undoing the screws on them. Put these away on a dry towel.

Step 2

Although the engine is off, disengage any electrical wiring which connects the headlights to the car. In order to reconnect, note down the wiring connections so it is easier for you to put the assembly back together after cleaning the headlights. It is also recommended to disengage your car battery completely by removing the terminal wires from it to avoid any chances of an electric shock.

Step 3

Take off the headlight lens from the assembly. This can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Practice caution while removing it.

Step 4

Fill the bucket with warm water and add cleaning detergent in it to make a soapy solution. Put the headlight components in it to remove any grime, dirt and stains from the lens.

Step 5

Use the abrasive pad to rub off any leftover dirt or grime on the headlight lens. Do not rub too hard or it could scratch the lens and result in an ineffective beam. Dry the lens with a soft cloth and layer on glass polish. The polish will keep the lens clean and shiny for a longer time and also act as a shield against moisture buildup.

Step 6

Replace the bulbs, since the residual moisture might result in burn out. Re-assemble the headlights by fitting the lens and other components back together. Reinstall your clean headlights into their sockets by screwing them back into the opening tightly. Make sure that the headlights are screwed in tightly to avoid a broken or disassembled headlight.

Step 7

Carefully reconnect the wires both to the headlights and car battery and test your headlights.

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