How to Replace the Headlight in a Chevy Tahoe

by Carl Pruit

The Chevy Tahoe is a very dependable and versatile sport utility vehicle. Its ruggedness and sleek styling have made it a popular SUV among people from all areas of life. Maintaining your Chevy Tahoe is a fairly simple process with regular care and inspection. Whether it is changing the oil or replacing a headlamp, having a routine schedule of vehicle maintenance will keep your Tahoe ready whenever you need it. If replacement of the headlight in your Chevy Tahoe is needed, it can be accomplished with just a small investment of time.

Step 1

Open the hood of your Chevy Tahoe and remove the six bolts that are on top of the grill with a socket wrench. After you determine which headlight needs to be replaced, remove bolts from the wheel well with a socket wrench on the same side as the light you are replacing. Pop the push pins out of place to remove the wheel well cover.

Step 2

Pull wheel well lining up to uncover the two 10 mm bolts that are holding the bumper mounting bracket in place. Remove the bolts with the socket wrench to release the bracket.

Step 3

Remove the electrical harness from the back of the headlight and set it aside. Loosen the bolts that are on holding the headlight in place. You will find the third bolt behind the bumper. You have to access it from the wheel housing.

Step 4

Remove bolts and pull headlight forward to get it out of vehicle frame. Note: The frame around the headlight overlaps the lens. You will have to pry on the frame a bit to get the headlight out. The headlight also has two alignment pins that are located on the outside edges of the headlight. Pull the headlight out gently to keep from snapping the pins.

Step 5

Replace with new headlight by positioning it in the vehicle frame and screwing bolts back into the headlight assembly. Reattach the electrical cord harness to the back of the headlight. Secure the bumper mounting bracket with the bolts and replace the lining on the wheel well.

Step 6

Secure the wheel well with the bolts and reattach the grill by securing bolts on top of grill. Verify the headlight is working by turning the vehicle lights on.

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