How to Restore Foggy Headlight Lenses With Toothpaste

by Jennifer Hudock
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Dust and oxidation build-up from driving can leave your headlight lenses looking foggy. Foggy headlights can impair your driving by dimming lighting and cutting down the range of your headlights. There are a number of expensive ways to clean the film and fog from your headlight lenses, but you can also clean your headlights at home using toothpaste.

Step 1

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Squeeze toothpaste generously onto the headlight. Use between 1/4 and 1/2 of the tube on one headlight.

Step 2

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Smear the toothpaste around on the headlight with a scouring pad, covering the entire surface of the light.

Step 3

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Buff the headlight thoroughly with a handheld buffing tool. You can also buff by hand, using the scouring pad; however, a buffing tool will get the job done more quickly.

Step 4

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Rinse the headlight clean by pouring warm water over it and then drying with a lint-free cotton cloth. Repeat the process on the opposite side.

Step 5

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Wax the headlights with a paste car wax and buff them again to keep dust and residue from building up on your headlights between cleanings.

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