How to Remove Truck Emblems

by Jen Davis

It is fairly common to remove dealership or brand emblems from a vehicle when you are planning to customize the truck or when the emblems become cracked, old or otherwise damaged. By following a few simple steps, you can remove the dealership decals from your truck without damaging the underlying paint.

Set the heat gun to the lowest heat setting possible and administer heat to the emblem. Make sure to keep the heat gun several inches away from the badge or emblem to avoid burning or damaging the underlying paint. Wait for the glue or adhesive holding the emblem to show signs of softening. You can check for softening by gently prying on the corner of the emblem with the putty knife. When the emblem begins to move, the adhesive is softening.

Use the putty knife to pry emblem away from truck body. You may have to continue heating the emblem periodically to keep glue soft while you remove the emblem.

Remove leftover adhesive by spraying it down with a cleaning product formulated for removing difficult or sticky substances. You can also spray a metal lubricant on the adhesive and then scrub it down with soap and water. Wash and dry the area thoroughly.


  • close Improper use of heat gun can cause serious injury.

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