How to Remove Too Much Transmission Fluid From a Ford Ranger

by John Stevens J.D.

Overfilling a transmission can actually be more harmful to the transmission than not adding enough. The fluid within the transmission courses though the transmission under pressure. Too much fluid causes too much pressure, which will blow out the seals within the transmission. To drain the fluid from most transmissions, the pan at the bottom of the transmission must be removed, then reinstalled with a new gasket. However, because the Ranger's transmission dipstick tube is easy to access, the fluid can easily be removed with a hand pump.

Step 1

Withdraw the dipstick from the transmission's dipstick tube. The tube is on the passenger's side of the engine against the firewall.

Step 2

Assemble a hand pump, commonly available at most automotive parts supply stores. The hand pump comes with two clear hoses. One hose slides onto the plastic nipple at the top of the pump, while the other slides onto the nipple at the bottom of the pump.

Step 3

Insert the free end of the pump's upper hose into the transmission's dipstick tube until the hose stops. Insert the free end of the pump's bottom hose into a container that can be sealed, such as a large soda bottle.

Step 4

Move the hand pump's lever up and down to withdraw the fluid from the transmission. As the lever is pulled upward, it sucks the transmission fluid into the pump. As the lever is pressed down, it pushes that fluid out of pump through the lower pump hose.

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