How to Remove a Power Steering Pump on a GMC

by John Stevens J.D.

A power steering pump directs power steering fluid throughout the steering components and assists in turning the vehicle's wheels. Over time, the chemical composition of power steering fluid breaks down, thereby reducing its effectiveness. In addition, the seals within the pump itself can corrode, resulting in leaks. The pumps bearings can also wear out, especially if the pump has used dirty power steering fluid. Whether repairing or replacing a power steering pump, the first step in the process is to remove the existing pump. Thankfully, removing a power steering pump from a GMC is a relatively straightforward process.

Step 1

Locate the pump's brackets. The brackets are used to attach the pump to the engine. GMCs generally use two brackets to hold the pump in place, a lower bracket and an upper bracket. The pump is attached to the brackets with a number of bolts. Loosen these bolts with a wrench to allow the pump to slide toward the engine.

Step 2

Remove the pump's rubber belt by lifting the belt up and over the pulley on the front of the pump.

Step 3

Place a container under the pump. The container is necessary to catch the fluid within the pump when the pump's hoses are removed.

Step 4

Remove the hoses from the back of the pump. One hose is used to send fluid to the steering components, while the other hose allows the fluid to return the pump. Remove the lower hose first. The hose is usually attached to the back of the pump with a hose clamp, which can be removed by first turning the screw on the clamp in a counterclockwise direction with a flathead screwdriver, then by pulling the hose away from the pump. The remaining hose has a large nut on the end of it that screws onto the back of the pump. Use a wrench to turn this nut in a counterclockwise direction, then pull the hose away from the pump.

Step 5

Allow the power steering fluid to drain from the back of the pump into the container.

Step 6

Remove the bolts that hold the pump to the pump's mounting brackets. These are the bolts that were loosened in Step 1. Once the bolts have been removed, lift the pump away from the engine to complete the removal process.

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