How to Pump Out Transmission Fluid Through the Dipstick Opening

by Zyon Silket

Most automatic transmissions require that you drain and fill the transmission fluid via the dipstick tube. They do not have built-in fill spouts or drains where you can drain the fluid directly from the transmission housing. Fortunately, you can purchase an oil siphon kit that comes with a small hose and small pump that will suck the oil out of the dipstick tube.

Pull the dipstick out of the dipstick tube and set it to the side.

Place the hose from the siphon kit over the outside of the oil dipstick tube.

Tape the hose to the tube to create a seal between the tube and hose, using duct tape.

Place a drain pan under the engine by the transmission dipstick tube. Place the other end of the siphoning hose into the drain pan.

Turn on the pump and suck out the transmission fluid. Most transmissions hold two quarts of fluid.

Remove the duct tape from the hose and tube once the pump stops pumping fluid. Pull the hose off the dipstick tube and place the dipstick back into the tube. Move the drain pan from under the automobile.

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