How to Change an Oil Pump on a Ford F150

by Howard Altman

Oil is the life blood of your vehicle's engine. Oil lubricates many of the moving parts to reduce friction and engine temperature. Keeping the oil flowing will add years of life to the engine, and the oil pump is an integral component. Replacing a worn-out pump yourself will save you hundreds of dollars in repair bills. There is a fair amount of tear down that needs to be performed before you get to the pump itself, which makes this a moderately challenging task.

Step 1

Remove the oil pan drain plug and drain the oil into a drip pan. Dispose of the old oil properly, according to your local laws.

Step 2

Remove the oil pan. Clean the mating surface and scrape away any bits of gasket from both the pan and the engine block.

Step 3

Remove the oil pump support brace bolts and the bolts holding the pump to the block.

Step 4

Remove the old pump and pickup tube assembly.

Step 5

Prime the new pump with oil before installing. Fill the pump through the inlet and turn the shaft until oil spurts out of the outlet.

Step 6

Re-attach the pump to the block with the two bolts removed earlier. Use the torque wrench and tighten to 22 to 32 foot-pounds.

Step 7

Make sure the pickup tube bolts are tightened to 24 to 30 foot-pounds of torque.

Step 8

Install a new oil pan gasket and re-install the oil pan. Use the torque wrench to tighten the 1/4-inch bolts to 84 to 108 inch-pounds. Tighten the 5/16-inch bolts to 108 to 132 inch-pounds.

Step 9

Fill the oil pan with 6 quarts of new oil. Check for leaks around the oil pan.

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