How to Change the Gear Oil in a Roketa 250CC Go Kart

by Chris Gilliland

Roketa is a well-known Chinese power-sport manufacturer that produces a line of off-road go karts with engine sizes ranging from 90 to 800 cc. The 250 cc models rely on a continuously variable transmission mated to an external gear box, providing the go kart with the choice of a forward or reverse gear. The gear box is lubricated internally by its own oil supply, which must be changed every three months. Doing so is not particularly difficult, but does require a few special tools to extract and refill the gear oil.

Step 1

Remove the Allen-head drain bolt on the top of the gear box, located next to the gear box breather hose, using an Allen wrench.

Step 2

Insert the hose of a transfer pump into the gear box through the bolt hole. Place the pump's output hose into a two-quart resealable plastic bottle. Suck out the old gear oil using the transfer pump.

Step 3

Pull the hose out of the gear box, then hand-thread the drain bolt into the gear box. Tighten the gear box to 7.6 foot-pounds using a torque wrench.

Step 4

Pull the breather tube off the oil fill bolt at the top of the gear box. Unscrew the oil fill bolt using a box-end wrench. Fill the gear box with SAE 80W-90 GL-4 gear oil until the oil level is 1 inch below the filler hole, using a hand-operated oil gun.

Step 5

Wipe away any spilled gear oil from the gear box, then hand-thread the oil fill bolt into place. Tighten the oil fill bolt to 18 foot-pounds. Push the breather hose onto the filler bolt.

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