How to Drain a Ford F-250 Gas Tank

by Allen Moore
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The Ford F-250 pickup comes in a wide array of engine and chassis configurations. The size of the gas tank in your Ford F-250 depends on these variables. When the need arises to drain your F-250's gas tank, it’s best to verify the size of the tank, and try to get an idea of how much fuel is in it. This will help greatly in determining the size and number of containers you need to drain the fuel into when completing this task.

Step 1

Open the fuel door on your Ford F-250 and insert the inlet hose from the manual automotive fluid pump into the fuel-filler neck as far as it will go. You can purchase a fluid pump at most automotive-parts retailers, boating stores or big-box hardware stores.

Step 2

Insert the outlet hose on the manual automotive fluid pump into the gas container.

Step 3

Follow the specific instructions on your manual automotive fluid pump to drain the contents on the gas tank into the gas container. This normally involves moving a handle or plunger up and down to draw the gas out of the tank and then eject it into the container.

Step 4

Continue to pump until the tank is empty, which is evident when the pump starts drawing in air instead of gas.

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