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How to Wire a Shurflo 12V Pump

by K.K. Lowell

Installing or replacing a pump in an RV or boat is a task that is quite manageable for most do-it-yourself people. Parts are available from local RV supply stores, as well as some automotive and large department stores.

Mount the ShurFlo pump near the freshwater supply tank.

Locate a switch in an easily accessed area. This switch can be as simple as a toggle switch, or a switch mounted in the wall to match the light switches in the RV.

Mount a 10-amp auto-resetting circuit breaker near the RV house battery.

Run a 14 gauge wire from the circuit breaker to the positive terminal of the house battery.

Run a 14 gauge wire from the other circuit breaker terminal to the center terminal of the toggle switch.

Connect the other side of the switch to the red wire of the pump with 14 gauge wire.

Connect the black wire on the pump to the negative terminal of the house battery.


  • Use solderless connectors to join wires and make connections.

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