How to Remove a Transmission Pump

by Jericho McCune

The transmission is the part of the vehicle that transfers power from the engine to a vehicle's drive shaft. Automatic transmissions require transmission fluid to power the hydraulic system, and a transmission pump is what moves that fluid around. When the transmission pump becomes clogged or broken it needs to be removed and then repaired or replaced in order to prevent more serious damage to the transmission itself. Take care when removing the pump so that other parts inside the transmission aren't damaged during the maintenance.

Step 1

Park the vehicle on a flat, level surface and set the parking brake. Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable.

Step 2

If the vehicle too low to the ground to get under comfortably, lift it with a jack and place jack stands under the axles to secure it.

Step 3

Remove the bolts around the bell-housing with a socket wrench. Remove the bell-housing.

Step 4

Remove the transmission pump bolts with a socket wrench. Slide the transmission pan out of the way. Remove the filter and valve body.

Step 5

Attach a transmission pump puller to the bottom of the pump. Slowly tighten the center bolt to slide the transmission pump out. Stop when the pump is about three-quarters of the way free.

Step 6

Remove the O-ring from the transmission pump shaft.

Step 7

Finish tightening the center bolt on the transmission pump puller until the pump is free. Hold the pump with one hand and detach the pump puller with the other.

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