How to Change the Power Steering Pump in a Ford F150

by John Stevens J.D.

Proper lubrication of an F150's hydraulic steering linkage is vital to the functionality of the truck's power steering system. Over time, the seals and bearings within the truck's power steering pump corrode, resulting in power steering fluid leaks and premature wear due to the increase in temperature of the power steering components. Leaks can also pose a fire hazard if the fluid contacts the engine or the exhaust manifold when hot. Thankfully, replacement power steering pumps for a Ford F150 are readily available at most automotive parts retailers, and the replacement process is relatively straightforward.

Step 1

Place a container underneath the power steering pump to capture the power steering fluid as it is drained from the pump. The F150's power steering pump is located on the driver's side of the engine. Remove both the input and output hoses from the back of the power steering pump. Both hoses attach to the pump with a nut, which is located at the end of each hose. Loosen both nuts with a wrench, then pull both hoses away from the pump and allow the fluid to drain into the container.

Step 2

Loosen the pump's adjustment bolt with a wrench to allow the pump's belt to slacken, then lift the belt away from the pump's pulley. The adjustment bolt is located at the bottom of pump where the pump meets its mounting bracket.

Step 3

Remove the pump's retaining bolts with a wrench, then lift the pump out of the engine compartment. The retaining bolts are located on the mounting bracket which secures the pump to the engine.

Step 4

Place the replacement pump into position and install the pump's retaining bolts through the mounting bracket. Do not tighten these bolts yet.

Step 5

Install the two hoses to the back of the pump and place the pump's belt over the pulley on the front of the pump.

Step 6

Pull the pump away from the engine to tighten the tension on the belt, and then tighten each of the pump's retaining bolts.

Step 7

Fill the power steering pump with power steering fluid to approximately 1/2" of the top, then start the engine and turn the steering wheel several times to the right and to the left to bleed the air out of the steering system. Turn the engine off, then check the pump's fluid level with the pump's dipstick. The fluid level should appear at or just under the "Full" mark on the pump's dipstick. Add additional fluid if necessary.

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