How to Change the Power Steering Pump in a Dodge Cummins

by Will ChandlerUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • 14mm wrench

  • 12mm wrench

  • T30 Torx head

  • Ratchet

  • Shop cloth

  • Power steering pump

  • Power steering fluid

A properly functioning power steering pump makes driving an enjoyable experience. This pump helps your Cummins truck maintain a proper steering radius. The steering pump uses hydraulic pressure to turn the wheels with the appropriate amount of force, and reduces over-steering. Replacing the steering pump on your Cummins is a simple way to maintain proper steering mechanics.

Remove the Old Steering Pump

Remove the fluid from the steering pump. Some model years have a drain plug in the back of the pump housing. If there is no drain plug, siphon out the fluid and dispose of it according to local laws.

Loosen the return and feed lines that attach to the pump housing. These lines should have 14mm compression fittings. Some of the older trucks have a 12mm fitting. Remove these lines before proceeding.

Remove the bolts that secure the pump to the bracket in the engine bay. These bolts are a T30 or "star fitting." There is a screw on top and one on the bottom of the pump. The easiest way to remove these bolts is to attach the Torx head to a ratchet and remove them with the ratchet.

Remove the pump and wipe down the area were the pump was secured. Be sure to wipe off the ends of the hoses first and then wipe the bracket that secures the pump in place.

Install the New Pump

Place the new pump in position and insert the two Torx head bolts through the pump and into the bracket. Tighten the bolts with the ratchet.

Insert the feed and return lines into the new pump and tighten down the compression fittings with the appropriate wrench.

Fill the pump with new power steering fluid. The pump will fill the feed and return lines with fresh fluid once the engine is turned on, so start the vehicle and move the steering wheel one full turn in each direction. Turn off the truck and refill the tank to the correct level.

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