How to Remove Silencers From an Exhaust

by Editorial Team

Nothing says power like a loud revving of your car. To increase this noise, you may need to remove silencers (or mufflers) from the exhaust system. The silencer is basically a plug that fits into your tail pipe, so you should be able to see and remove it pretty easily.

Remove Silencers From an Exhaust Tip

Step 1

Define what is holding your silencer in place. Most use screws or allen bolts to hold the silencer to the exhaust tip. While slightly hidden, the screws should be plainly visible when looking at the exhaust tip at eye level.

Step 2

Remove the one or two bolts holding the exhaust silencer to the frame. Silencers differ on how they are bolted to the frame of the exhaust system, but most have one screw or bolt at the top.

Step 3

Loosen the bolt mid-way down the tail pipe on the clamp that meets the head of the silencer. You may not have this extra screw on the clamp. This is more common with stock parts.

Step 4

Pull on the silencer, removing it completely from the exhaust tip. You may need to wiggle it to make it loosen enough to pull out completely. If you are not worried about reusing the silencer, then use pliers to grip it as you pull.

Step 5

Use a hanger to help remove a stuck silencer. Push a wire coat hanger through the pipe, and use it to maneuver the silencer out of the exhaust tip.

Step 6

Clean the exhaust tip to remove any lubricants or grime. If you used any lubricant to help remove the silencer, make sure it is completely clear before firing up the engine to avoid the smell of smoke or oil.

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