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How to Remove Baffles From Harley-Davidson Pipes

by Maggie O'Leary

If you own a Harley-Davidson, you may enjoy the envious looks of people you pass. Harley's exhaust system has gotten quieter and quieter, and one cheap and easy way to liven up the sound is to remove the baffles from your Harley's exhaust pipes. You can take your bike to a Harley shop to have this done, but the cost will be around $300. You can remove the baffles from your Harley's exhaust pipes for less than $25, using tools that you probably already have on hand.

Remove the bit from your drill, and attach the hole saw. While a battery-operated drill will suffice for this job, you may wish to use an electric drill.

Coat the end of both exhaust pipes with cutting oil or WD-40, taking care to coat the pipe fully where the baffles are. You should keep the pipe fully coated with oil during the cutting process to keep the drill and saw blade from overheating and to reduce the risk of accident or injury.

Cut through the rear of the upper exhaust pipe, just above the chrome ring. Continue cutting until you have penetrated the first and second layers of the pipe.

Clamp the vice grips onto the baffle, and twist the baffle to remove it from the interior of the exhaust pipe. The baffle is a metal piece inside the pipe that muffles the sound of your Harley's engine exhaust.

Remove the baffle from the lower pipe by repeating the process. You may need an arbor extension for your hole saw to reach the inside of the lower pipe. You may also choose to loosen the pipe from your Harley while you remove the baffle to avoid using an arbor extension for your saw.


  • You may wish to completely remove or loosen both exhaust pipes from your Harley before removing the baffles to allow for easier access.


  • Be sure to keep the exhaust pipe coated with oil while you are cutting to decrease the risk of fire or injury.

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