How to Remove the Seats From a 1998 S-10

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The 1998 Chevrolet S-10 is a small truck built by General Motors. It shares many of its parts with the GMC Sonoma. The S-10's seats are mounted by standard bolts. You can remove them in less than 30 minutes regardless of your experience level. You might need to remove the seats to thoroughly clean the carpet, or to replace the seats with new ones.

Move the seat forward using the bar beneath the front of the seat. Find the lever on the side of the seat that you use to recline the back part of the seat. Pull the lever to lower the back part of the seat forward. This gives you additional room to access the seat bolts.

Examine the base of the seat closest to the door on either side. You'll see a plastic panel. Inspect the rear of this panel to find a Phillips screw. Remove it and slide the plastic panel off.

Locate the four seat mounting bolts. You'll find two beneath the plastic panel. You'll find the other two on the other side of the seat. Check to see if they have plastic covers. If they do, pry them up with a flathead screwdriver.

Remove the four bolts with a ratchet. For the bolts closest to the center console, you may want to use an extensions; this will make it easier to access them.

Check beneath the seat for any wiring harnesses or connections. Some models may have them, but most will not. Unplug them if necessary.

Lift the seat out of the S-10 to remove it. Repeat for the other seat.

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