How to Remove a Ford Focus Driver's Seat

by Alibaster Smith

The seats in your Ford Focus may be comfortable, but perhaps you are interested in customizing your vehicle with new seats or are in need of a new seat to replace one that is broken. Whatever the reason, here are some tips on how to remove the driver's seat from a Ford Focus.

A small time commitment and one tool is all you need to remove a Ford Focus seat

Step 1

Open the driver's side door. Pull up on the seat adjustment handle and slide the seat all the way to the rear as far as it will go.

Step 2

Remove the two front screws located on either side of the front of the seat (one on each side) at the base (on the floor) using the Torx T-50 wrench. There are no other screws or bolts in this area and the bracket itself is part of the sliding mechanism for the seat that you would normally use to slide your driver's seat forward or backward. You will notice that the Torx T-50 wrench end is "star shaped" instead of the usual Phillips- or flat-head or design. This is used on Torx screws which have a "star shaped" indentation and will only accommodate the Torx style wrench. To do this, insert the Torx wrench into the Torx screw head, and turn the screws counterclockwise.

Step 3

Slide the seat all the way forward by pulling up on the seat adjustment handle and pulling the seat forward until it cannot go any further. Remove the two rear screws using the Torx T-50 wrench in the same manner than was used in the previous step.

Step 4

Pull up on the seat gently to verify that the seat is loose. Then, locate the electric connector for the seat belt warning light. This will be located at the base of the seat (on the floor, towards the middle and center of the vehicle) where the seat belt connects to the seat. Locate the tab on the connector and push it down while pulling the connector apart. This is a simple plug-style connector, so it should not be difficult to unplug.

Step 5

Pull the seat straight out of the driver's side of the vehicle. The seat should slide right out with little or no effort. However, the carpet may be covering some of the seat frame so you may have to give it a good pull to free it. It will then slide right out of the driver's side door area.

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