How to Remove Scuff Marks From Cars

by Jenny Carver

Scuff marks come from an object rubbing against a car and leaving behind paint or debris from that object’s surface. The scuff mark doesn’t scrape the paint off the car, but it looks just as bad as a big scratch. Washing and waxing the surface won’t do anything but clean the car and the scuff mark. Scraping the scuff mark may remove it, but it will damage the car’s paint in the process. You can remove scuff marks from cars without harming the paint.

Step 1

Wash the scuffed area with car soap and a sponge to remove any surface dirt or debris. The following steps involve rubbing across the surface, and if there are dirt particles on the car they may scratch the paint. Let the area dry.

Step 2

Spray the scuff mark and surrounding area with spray detailer to make the surface wet. Fold the clay bar a few times to soften it.

Step 3

Place the clay bar flat against the car’s surface. Rub the clay bar back and forth along the scuff mark. Work the clay bar along the side of the car, parallel with the ground, not up and down.

Step 4

Fold the clay bar as needed to keep a clean surface against the car’s paint. Keep the area wet with spray detailer. Work the bar across the scuff until it disappears.

Step 5

Spray more detail spray on the area. Wipe it off with a microfiber towel.

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