How to Remove an RV Window

by Eli Laurens

Recreational vehicle windows are typically flat panes of glass held to a window frame with small screws, plastic glass supports and tight rubber gaskets. During the lifespan of the RV, it may become necessary to remove the pane of glass for replacement, cleaning or repair. The average RV owner can remove the window from a motor home in about 20 minutes.

Step 1

Peel the rubber window gasket from the outer edge of the glass pane. The gasket will have a split in its continuity that can be worked loose with a screwdriver, then pulled free by tugging on it. As the gasket comes loose, the outer mount screws will become visible.

Step 2

Remove the inner rubber gasket, if applicable, by pulling it free from the window mount in the same fashion as the outer gasket.

Step 3

Remove the mounting screws on the inside of the window mount by turning them counterclockwise. The plastic window frame will become loose as the screws are removed. Some units will free the pane of glass when either side (inner or outer) is unscrewed, most models will release the glass only when both sides are unscrewed.

Step 4

Remove the outer mounting screws by turning them counterclockwise. As the frame becomes free, the pane of glass could shift its position. Carefully work the plastic frame mount from the glass without allowing the glass to fall out of the vehicle.

Step 5

Pull the glass toward the outside of the RV and carefully lower it to the ground. Two-piece sliding windows will still come out as one part, with two panes held in place with a secondary frame.

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