How to Remove an RV Dually Hubcap

by Richard Ristow

RV dually (dual-rear-wheel axle) hubcaps are easy to remove. The process is no different than it is for pulling a wheel cover off a car rim. You can have all of an RV's hubcaps off in a matter of minutes. While there is a special tool for hubcap removal, all you really need is a large flat-head screwdriver. Essentially, you will use the screwdriver like a crowbar.

Insert a large flat-head screwdriver between an edge of the hubcap and the rim of the RV's wheel.

Firmly lever the screwdriver up and down or side to side.

Move the screwdriver to a different prying point if the hubcap did not come off in Step 2. Repeat this as many times as necessary, working your way around the rim.

Insert a second screwdriver between the edge of the hubcap and the wheel rim should Step 3 fail. Lever this screwdriver and the first one, at opposite prying points. The hubcap should come off.

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