How to Drain the Radiator on a 2001 Grand Am

by Carl Pruit

Draining the radiator of a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am is an easy process that can be completed in less than a half hour. The coolant in the radiator should be drained and replaced with each tuneup or about every 3 to 6 months to maintain the effectiveness of the fluid in keeping the engine temperature regulated. The radiator system on the 2001 Grand Am is a standard radiator model with the Pontiac line and can be drained from the bottom of the radiator.

Step 1

Remove the cap from the top of the 2001 Grand Am radiator by lifting the radiator cap lever and turning the cap counterclockwise.

Step 2

Locate the coolant reservoir overflow tank on the passenger side of the engine compartment and take the cap off the overflow tank.

Step 3

Locate the drain cock valve on the bottom of the radiator and place a plastic drain pan underneath the drain valve.

Step 4

Open the drain valve with an open-end wrench and let the coolant drain completely from the radiator.

Step 5

Find the lower radiator hose that is attached to the bottom of the 2001 Grand Am radiator and unfasten the clamp, using a screwdriver to loosen the screw on the clamp.

Step 6

Place the drain pan underneath the lower radiator hose at the radiator and slide the hose off the radiator flange, prying it off with a screwdriver to let the remainder of the coolant drain into the pan.

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