How to Remove a Murano Instrument Cluster

by Daniel Valladares

Removing the instrument cluster from your Nissan Murano is a complicated and involved process. The instrument cluster is held in place by several screws that can only be accessed by removing the steering column and steering wheel. Once those screws are removed, you can easily pop out the instrument cluster, but getting to the screws themselves is the difficult part of the process. The entire procedure should take you approximately one hour and can be performed with just a socket wrench and a Phillips screwdriver.

Turn the Murano's engine off and open the hood of the vehicle. Use a socket wrench to disconnect the negative battery-terminal. Wait two minutes so that the airbags can completely disengage.

Use the Phillips screwdriver to pry out the side panel to the far left of the instrument panel. Pop out the speaker above the side panel as well.

Open the driver's side door and locate the screws on the underside of the plastic dash trim, directly above the instrument cluster. There are three screws. Remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver and pull the plastic dash trim out of the vehicle.

Remove the lower plastic dash trim underneath the steering wheel. The lower plastic dash trim is held in place by seven bolts, all along the edge of the trim. Remove the bolts with a socket wrench and pull the trim out of the vehicle.

Remove the two screws securing the steering wheel cover with a Phillips screwdriver. Disconnect the electrical connectors from the airbag and headlight switch. Remove the two retaining bolts from behind the steering wheel to remove the steering wheel itself. Remove two screws securing the upper steering column cover. Once the cover is removed, you can access the screws securing the instrument cluster.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to reach up and remove the three screws. Once the screws are removed, you can pop out the instrument cluster. Before removing the instrument cluster from the Murano, you will have to disconnect the three electrical harnesses behind it. To remove the harnesses, simply pull them off the cluster.

Remove the instrument clusters from the vehicle. If you are having a hard time pulling them out, lower the Murano's steering wheel to its lowest position.


  • close Be absolutely sure to disconnect the battery. If you do not, you may seriously injure yourself.

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