How to Change Dashboard Lights in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Christian Killian
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The instrument panel or dashboard has just one light that illuminates the display for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. There are several other bulbs involved in illumination of the warning lights as well in the cluster. To access any of these lights you will have to remove the cluster from the dashboard to remove the bulbs from the back side. The procedure for removing the cluster is really not as bad as you may think. You can complete it with just a couple screwdrivers, so just follow these steps below to get those lights working.

Step 1

Remove the bezel that surrounds the instrument cluster on the dash. You need to use a flat screwdriver, trim stick or other flat tool to gently pry the bezel loose at each of the four corners.

Step 2

Locate and remove the screws that secure the upper mounting tabs for the cluster with a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the screws that secure the lower mounting tabs for the instrument cluster as well.

Step 3

Pull down on the upper cluster mounting tabs and pull the cluster out far enough to access the electrical connector on the rear of the cluster. Unplug the connector and pull the cluster out.

Step 4

Locate the bulbs that you need to change on the rear of the cluster. Turn the bulb holder counterclockwise to remove the bulb holder and bulb from the cluster. Insert the new bulb and reinstall the holder, turning it clockwise until it locks in.

Step 5

Slide the cluster back into the dash and plug in the electrical connector. You can now push the cluster all the way into the dash and line up the mounting tabs and clips on the dash.

Step 6

Install the two lower mounting screws into the lower mounting tabs, then install the upper screws into the upper mounting tabs. Tighten the screws using a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 7

Reinstall the trim bezel around the the cluster and snap the bezel into the mounting tabs on the four corners. Test the lights to be sure they are all working as intended.

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