How to Remove a Mercruiser Alpha One Outdrive

by Eric Michaels

The Mercruiser Alpha 1 stern drive is a combination inboard and outboard drive. The engine is located inboard, and delivers power through a shaft that goes through the stern to the outdrive. In the case of a water leak or breakdown in the engine, the outdrive must be removed.

Step 1

Disconnect the speedometer hose. It is located underneath the exhaust bellows. If the connection is female, push the disconnect button on the side. If the connection is male, rotate the hose about 45 degrees. Work it loose carefully.

Step 2

Lower the drive and place it in forward gear. Ensure that the drive is engaged by turning the propeller. Disconnect the battery and spin off the propeller.

Step 3

Remove the two plastic caps on the trim-cylinder rod. Remove the retaining rings with a flathead screwdriver.

Step 4

Pound the trim-cylinder rod with a rubber mallet so that it sticks out about 3 inches. Pull the rod out a few more inches; do not pull it completely free of the outdrive.

Step 5

Place an outdrive cart underneath the skeg to hold the drive level. Secure the outdrive to the cart. Remove all but one of the six nuts from the bell-housing stud with a socket wrench. Leave the last nut loose; turn it by hand.

Step 6

Remove the last nut and pull the outdrive straight out. The outdrive must be held stable on the cart. Let the trim cylinders slide out and down.

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