How to Tighten the Chain on a 1984 Suzuki Quadrunner

by Robert Good

Over time, the drive chain on a 1984 Suzuki Quadrunner stretches, and when this happens the quad loses power. The chain is made up of a number of small chain links connected to each other by a small metal pin on each end of the link. When the chain has been stretched, to tighten it you must remove a link and reconnect it. Almost any Suzuki Quadrunner owner can complete this job with one tool and little experience.

Step 1

Park the Suzuki Quadrunner on level ground. Allow the drive chain to completely cool before proceeding.

Step 2

Place the chain link tool over a pin on a link on the bottom side of the chain. Turn the handle on the tool counterclockwise until the pin is forced out of the hole on the link. Repeat for the opposite side of the link and remove the link from the chain.

Step 3

Connect the two ends of the chain, making sure that the holes on the links line up. Insert one pin into the holes.

Step 4

Place the chain link tool over the pin. Turn the handle counterclockwise to force the pin into place to secure the chain together.

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