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How to Remove a 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII Fuel Pump

by Michael Scarn

The Lincoln Mark VIII was manufactured between 1993 and 1998. The 1996 Mark VIII offered a powerful 4.6-liter, eight-cylinder engine and options such as cruise control, 16-inch wheels, a four-speed automatic transmission, power windows and locks, leather seating, power brakes, tinted glass and air conditioning. The Mark VIII also included a fuel pump that must be removed from time to time, as it wears out and fails.

Preparation to Remove the Pump

Step 1

Put the Mark VIII on a flat and solid surface. If you have automatic transmission, put the car in park. Engage the parking brake as well.

Step 2

Open the gas tank of the car to relieve its fuel-system pressure.

Step 3

Remove the car's fuel-pump fuse from the fuse box. The fuse box is located below and to the left of the steering wheel.

Step 4

Remove as much of the gas from the Mark VIII's fuel tank as possible. Never siphon with your mouth; you may inhale toxic fumes or accidentally ingest fuel, which can be fatal.

Turn on the engine to drain the car's fuel system of any remaining gas. The engine will stall when the fuel has been exhausted completely.

Detach the Mark VIII's Fuel Tank

Step 1

Detach the positive and negative cables to the Mark VIII's battery. Remove the negative cable first. The negative cable is black. The battery is located under the hood of the car.

Step 2

Lift the rear of the car up with hydraulic jacks so that you can safely access the fuel tank.

Step 3

Center a wooden block or other similar object directly under the center of the car's fuel tank. After you detach the tank from the car's frame, rest it on the wooden block so that you don't strain or rip any of the fuel lines connected to it.

Step 4

Use a socket wrench to remove the metal straps holding the fuel tank to the Mark VIII's body. Rest the tank on the wooden block or other object you placed underneath it.

Detach the fuel and electrical lines connecting the top of the fuel pump, which is sticking out of the gas tank, to the car. Drag the fuel tank out from the bottom of the car.

Remove the Fuel Pump from the Mark VIII's Tank

Step 1

Remove the locking ring that keeps the fuel pump inside the gas tank. The locking ring has a vertical metal tab sticking up that you can place a chisel against and rotate by hammering against the chisel. Do not hit the chisel too hard with the hammer or you will bend the vertical tab on the ring. Hit the ring counterclockwise to loosen it.

Step 2

Locate and pull the rubber seal from the top of the gas tank. The seal sits directly under the locking ring and can fall into the tank when you pull off the ring.

Carefully pull the fuel pump from the gas tank. Reverse the steps you followed to remove it to insert a new pump and have your Mark VIII ready to drive again.

Items you will need

  • Funnel
  • Gas can
  • Wrench
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Pliers
  • Wooden block or similar object
  • Gas siphon
  • Gas siphon hose
  • Hydraulic jack

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