How to Replace a Ford Ranger's Fuel Pump

by Don Bowman
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The Ford Ranger uses an electric fuel pump located in the fuel tank. It comes in the form of a module, which means that the fuel pump, the fuel level sending unit and the fuel filter screen are all mounted to a metal frame. To replace the fuel pump in the Ranger, you have to drop the fuel tank. The pump is mounted in the top of the tank, and secured and sealed with a lock ring or cap, depending on the year.

Step 1

Disconnect the negative battery cable using a wrench. Raise the rear of the truck using the floor jack under the differential or center of the axle. Place the jack stands under each side of the axle and lower the truck onto the jack stands. Loosen the clamps on the large fuel filler hose and the smaller vent hose at the fuel tank ports, using a screwdriver.

Step 2

Drain some of the fuel out if the tank is over half full. Do this by removing the filler hose at the tank and siphoning the fuel out into an acceptable container or gas can. Remove both hoses by pulling them off the fuel tank ports. Disconnect the fuel pump and fuel level sending unit wiring harness plug in the rear of the tank.

Step 3

Place the floor jack under the center of the fuel tank between the fuel tank support straps. Raise the jack enough to give the tank a little support. Remove the two bolts closest to the rear bumper using a socket. Once the bolts are out, pull the straps down and bend them toward the front of the truck just enough to allow the tank to be lowered unobstructed.

Step 4

Lower the floor jack and tank slowly, just enough to gain access to the fuel lines on the top of the tank. If you let it down too far it may damage the fuel lines. Remove the fuel lines from the top of the fuel pump. The tank is heavy, and if it has any measure of fuel in it, it will make the tank unstable, so keep it centered on the jack. Lower it all the way down and drag it out from under the truck.

Step 5

Remove the lock ring that seals the fuel pump in the tank. The lock ring may take one of two forms. If it is a plastic cap, simply turn it counterclockwise to remove it. If it is a metal ring it has tabs around the circumference that interlock with the tabs on the tank opening. There will also be vertical tabs used to remove the ring. Tap the vertical tabs counterclockwise, using the screwdriver and hammer, to unlock the ring.

Step 6

Lift the fuel pump out of the fuel tank and discard the rubber O-ring that is located under the top of the fuel pump. Install a new O-ring and the new fuel pump making sure to install it with the fuel pump ports facing in the same direction. This is so the fuel lines can be reconnected.

Step 7

Install the lock ring by turning it clockwise. Place the fuel tank on the floor jack. Push it under the truck and raise it enough to install the fuel lines on the top of the fuel pump. Raise the fuel tank all the way up to the bottom of the truck bed.

Step 8

Install the two hoses on the tank ports and tighten the clamps. Bend the fuel tank straps around the bottom of the tank and into place. Install the bolts and tighten them. Remove the floor jack. Connect the fuel pump electrical connector. Place the floor jack under the differential and lift it enough to remove the jack stands and lower the truck.

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