How to Remove a Fuel Pump From an Oldsmobile Silhouette

by Don Bowman

The fuel pump in an Oldsmobile Silhouette is located in a plastic cylindrical module that also houses the fuel level sending unit. The module is located within the fuel tank and locked into place with the use of a lock ring. The lock ring has tabs that interlock with tabs on the fuel tank. There are a series of hoses and electrical connections on the top of the tank that you'll need to remove as the tank is lowered.

Step 1

Raise the front of the vehicle with the floor jack and support it on jack stands situated on the frame to prevent interference with the removal of the fuel tank. Unplug the electrical connectors located to the rear of the fuel tank. Loosen the hose clamps on the filler tube with a screwdriver. Remove the tube.

Step 2

Loosen the clamp on the vent tube, which parallels the filler tube, at the point of connection at the tank. Pull the hose off at the tank and just move it aside. Remove the metal fuel tank shield bolts, and ultimately the shield, with the use of a ratchet and the appropriate-size socket.

Step 3

Position the floor jack under the fuel tank between the support straps. Remove the two strap-securing bolts located in the cross brace behind the tank, using a ratchet and a 15mm socket. Lower the straps and push them to the front of the tank to prevent interference.

Step 4

Remove the nylon purge hose from the charcoal canister behind the tank. The hose has a quick-disconnect at the canister, which requires nothing more than squeezing the connector and pulling it free. Lower the fuel tank slowly, just enough to reach the nylon hose connectors on the top of the tank connected to the top of the fuel module. Remove the fuel-supply and fuel-return lines' quick-disconnect fittings.

Step 5

Unplug all electrical connections to the fuel pump, sending unit and fuel tank pressure sensor. Remove the tank from under the vehicle.

Step 6

Loosen and remove the lock ring from the top of the fuel module. The lock ring has the appearance of a circular sprocket with a series of square tangs around the circumference. The fuel tank also has a set of corresponding tangs. When locked in place, the tangs on the lock ring engage the tangs on the fuel tank. To remove the lock ring, place a screwdriver on one of the vertical tangs deliberately placed over the horizontal tangs for use as a means of removal. Tap the vertical tang in a counterclockwise direction with the hammer to unlock the tangs.

Step 7

Lift the fuel pump module up and out of the fuel tank. Keep the module over the opening in the tank and carefully empty the fuel that is captured in the module back into the fuel tank.

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