How to Remove the Gear Shift on a Manual Transmission Ford F-150

by Richard Ristow
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A Ford F-150's gear shift is simple to remove. It is also a repair procedure that doesn't require disabling the F-150's airbag system, unlike many of the components located in the dashboard. There are two major reasons why you might consider doing this. If you're revamping and customizing the F-150's interior, the shift lever boot, the lever and the knob likely have aftermarket options to consider. On a more pragmatic level, you will need to remove the gear shifter entirely if you are going to access and work on the manual transmission.

Step 1

Remove the shift boot's four retaining screws located at each corner of the boot. You will have to lift up the corner to get at the screws.

Step 2

Pull the boot directly upward to expose a nut and bolt on the lever. You do not need to remove the boot completely from the lever. So you can leave the shift knob alone.

Step 3

Unscrew the nut with a socket wrench. Then push the threaded side of the bolt through the lever. Grab the bolt by its other side and pull it out of the shift lever.

Step 4

Remove the lever from the square mounting boot beneath it.

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