How to Remove the Rear Tail Light on a 2005 Cadillac SRX

by Aram Khayatpour
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The rear tail lights are an important component of any vehicle, as they alert other drivers when you are slowing down, greatly reducing the chance of a rear-end collision. When the tail light on your 2005 Cadillac SRX breaks or cracks, you will need to replace it, otherwise moisture could get into the light, causing it to malfunction and create a dangerous driving situation for you and your family. Replacing the rear tail light is a relatively simple job that should only take a few minutes.

Step 1

Open the rear lift gate.

Step 2

Remove the interior trim around the taillight. Do this by disconnecting the plastic fasteners and then pulling off the trim.

Step 3

Unscrew the two nuts that hold the taillight in place using a crescent or socket wrench.

Step 4

Pull the electrical connector off the tail lamp.

Step 5

Pull the taillight off the SRX from the outside of the vehicle.

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