How to Remove a Jeep Hardtop

by Will Chandler

Jeeps are most recognized by their open cab, functionality and rugged look. The removable hardtop is constructed of metal and plastic and can weigh over 200 lbs., depending on the Jeep model. There are four models of Jeeps; TJ, CJ, YJ and JK that come with hard tops, and all require different fittings to remove the hardtop.

Remove the Phillips head or Torx head screws that are along the side windows of the hardtop. There will be three screws, 5/16-inch, on each side and a self tapping plate that is on the underside of the hard top frame. Start in the rear corners and work forward.

Remove the five screws that hold the front of the hardtop to the windshield frame with the appropriate screwdriver. Jeep YJs use Torx head screws, while Jeep TJs and JKs use Phillips head screws.

Disconnect the electrical connections in the rear driver's side of the vehicle. If the Jeep is equipped with a rear windshield wiper, dome light or rear defroster, these connectors are visible and can be disconnected by hand.

Remove the hardtop with a lift or a partner. Wear gloves to prevent cuts and provide grip while removing the hardtop. Do not attempt to remove the top by yourself unless you have a hoist. Jeep hardtops are constructed of metal and plastic that can weigh 200 pounds.


  • check Have a friend help with the removal. It will be safer and easier than doing it by yourself.

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