How to Remove an Ignition Switch on a GMC 3500

by Daniel Valladares

The ignition switch of your GMC 3500 truck is what starts the engine of the vehicle. If your truck is damaged in an accident or if the ignition switch wears out over time, you will not be able to start your truck. If this occurs, you should replace the ignition switch. It's a simple process that only requires a Phillips screwdriver, a socket wrench and a replacement ignition switch.

Step 1

Remove the two steering column covers. The upper and lower covers have no fasteners and simply click into place with a few tabs. You should be able to pry the covers off by hand, but if you are experiencing difficulties with removing the covers, use a flathead screwdriver to pry them off.

Step 2

Remove the securing bolts that hold the steering column to the dashboard. Support the column before removing the bolts so that it is not damaged. It is a good idea to have a second person hold the column while you remove the bolts and then lower it onto the seat as it is quite heavy. Note that if you have air bags equipped, they may go off and can cause serious injury. In order to disable the air bags, disconnect the GMC 3500's battery with a socket wrench.

Step 3

Place the ignition switch in the "LOCK" position to access the removal screws. Using the Phillips screwdriver, disconnect the actuating rod from the switch.

Step 4

Remove the two screws securing the ignition switch to the vehicle. Pull the switch out of the vehicle. Again, if you are having a difficult time removing the ignition switch, consider using a flathead screwdriver. Reassembly is the reversal of the removal procedure.

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