How to Remove House Paint from My Car

by Charlie Higgins

If you've managed to splash some house paint on your car, don't despair. Clay bars, a simple tool used by professionals, can gently scrub away impurities, sap and paint from your car's paint finish. They are used by car detailers to remove paint over-spray during the painting process. However you can enjoy the benefits of natural clay at home. Head to your nearest car supplies store to pick up a clay bar and restore your car to it's former glory.

Wash your car thoroughly to remove all dust and dirt from the surface. Any dirt left on the surface can cause damage to the paint finish when the clay is applied.

Mix a bucket of warm water and mild soap. Pour the soap mixture into a clean, empty spray bottle.

Mist the affected area with the soap mixture.

Take the clay bar and rub it over the house paint in a side-to-side motion. Mist the area regularly with the soap mixture while you work.

Stretch and refold the bar to expose a fresh side when it becomes soiled.

Continue until the house paint is no longer visible and the clay bar glides over the car smoothly.


  • check You can use this process on your car's entire paint surface to remove any surface impurities and keep it looking like new.


  • close If your clay bar becomes discolored or contaminated with dirt, discard it and purchase a new one.

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